There is a lot more involved in HOA life than Announcements and chit chat. Being able to follow up with the management company and getting things done effectively are just the highlights of Dagizmo for us.


Benefits for homeowners:

  • You have ONE common place for everything about your HOA.
  • You can make your HOA payments by Credit Card or through your bank securely and quickly.
  • You simply send a request via Dagizmo and we will automatically notify and remind the board members and management staff on your behalf, making sure the proper process and visibility is in place to respond to you as quickly as possible.
  • Your requests do not get buried in management staff’s email box. They are recorded, you can follow up on them and you will get notified upon any updates or status changes.
  • Many times, your request needs the Board’s input. Dagizmo cuts through the back and forth conversations on multiple channels (email, phone calls) between the management staff, homeowners and board members.
  • Architectural applications are processed much more efficiently and quickly at times ten times faster (We have 3 days turn around instead of 30!). The decision makers are automatically notified and they do not need to wait on management staff to mail the information to them.
  • Instead of spending HOA funds on newsletters and other mail-outs, community notices and announcements can be posted on Dagizmo and email notifications are sent to all residents.
  • Rather than getting violation notices for minor non compliance matters, a friendly reminder message can be sent.
  • You have record and proof for everything about your HOA now; if you responded to a non-compliance notice, if you have requested something from your managers, if you have paid your dues, if you have an approval for your new fence, etc…it’s all there!