Mail-outs are expensive! Things such as pool opening dates, community social functions, newsletters, monthly financial reports or even Annual and Board meeting notices can be posted on the Announcement Board.
As with the other modules, homeowners will receive an email notifying them anytime a new announcement is posted.


Architectural Requests

Another common daily task is receiving and voting on architectural requests from homeowners. Our goal was to simplify and streamline the entire process in order to promote compliance and ensure that the applications are processed easily and in a timely manner. Through one system, homeowners submit their applications and supporting documents, the committee reviews, discusses and casts their votes. Quick and simple! The approval or denial notices are instantly visible to the owner but can also be printed and mailed.
As with other modules, owners receive an email notification anytime there is an update to their architectural request.


Board Action Item

Board members make decisions on a daily basis. Whether it is an approval for a repair estimate or for a waiver request that is needed, our Board Action Item module puts it all in one place. This makes it simple for Board members to view the request, discuss it and cast their vote. It also allows each decision or request to be tracked and recorded.
Board members are notified via email anytime a Board Action Item is posted or updated.


Resident Requests

In an effort to create a clear line of communication for residents, we created the Resident Request module, eliminating the need for multiple emails and phone calls. Here residents can communicate directly with Board members and/or the management company. Users have the ability to upload photos or other documents that relate to their request. All requests and communication are saved.
As with other modules, email notifications are sent to owners, board members and management when a Resident Request is created and updated.



Covenant enforcement is necessary to ensure that a community remains aesthetically pleasing and that the homeowners continue to live in a harmonious environment. We understand that at times creating and sending notices can be tedious and time consuming. Therefore we created a violation module that is quick and easy to use. Notices are available immediately for owners to view and also gives the option to generate a letter to be printed and mailed directly. The system allows homeowners to respond or submit photos as proof of a corrected violation.
As with other modules, homeowners will receive an email notifying them when a violation has been posted or updated.



We understand that at times it is difficult for homeowners to attend the Annual meetings where items such as Board elections or document amendments are voted on take place. Our voting module allows for owners to cast their votes remotely. With the security of your log in, owners and management can be certain that only one vote is cast per household. In addition, the system has the ability to tally the vote for you. Because it is web-based and accessible anywhere…managers can literally view the voting tally online at the meeting. Viola’!
Maybe your community is considering installing a pool or building a club house or changing the landscape vendor. In order to get an overall consensus of the wants and needs of the community, a survey can be posted and responded to online by the homeowners. Much like the Voting module, specific information can be provided to the owners online and they simply log on and make their selection. The results are tallied and provided to the Board and management staff to determine whether an idea is accepted or approved of by the owners. It is great way for the Board and management to connect to the residents and hear their thoughts and suggestions.


Work Orders

On any given day, multiple repair and maintenance requests are submitted and distributed to various vendors and contractors. Simply keeping up with work orders and making sure these items are addressed in a timely manner can be a chore for both the managers and the vendors. In our opinion, the Work Order module is one of the most useful and necessary components of our software system. It is designed much like the other components, allowing management to submit a work order or bid request directly to the vendor through the system and vice versa. Here is the cool part, vendors also log onto the system and view the request and are able to respond immediately. They can upload photos showing progress or completion and even submit their invoices. Follow up and completion dates can be set in order to notify both management and the contractors as to when the next action should be taken or when the job should be done.