Can our manager use Dagizmo?

Yes, Dagizmo is designed to facilitate the tasks involved in HOAs. Homeowners, Board Members and Managers can all benefit from the platform.

Can tenants/renters utilize the application?

Yes, the homeowners, board members and/or HOA staff can add a tenant to a property. The tenants have significantly less privileges in the application, however, they can view the announcement(s) or send a request.

Can individual property managers utilize the application?

Yes, the homeowners, board members and/or HOA staff can add a property manager to an account. They have almost the same privileges as of the homeowners and unlike the tenants they can pay the dues on behalf of the homeowners.

Can Dagizmo be accessed on a mobile device?

Yes! 60% of our users access Dagizmo from their mobile device by simply logging in from their mobile browser. The application is responsive which means the design will adjusts to the device it’s running on.

Do I have to login each time I use Dagizmo?

No, if you are accessing the application via your mobile or a non-public device, simply click “Keep me signed in” checkbox upon login and the system will keep you signed in even if you close your browser.

Note: You will always be logged out upon closing your browser if you use your browser in “Private/Incagnito” mode.

What is the on-boarding process?

The homeowners will be invited by the board members or management staff.

Can I pay my HOA dues online?

Yes, the homeowners can make a payment via credit card or ACH bank.

How can I add my spouse to my account? 

You will see the “Account” tab in your User Profile page. You have the ability to add as many homeowners to your account. They will all have homeowner privileges in the system.

What happens if a homeowner leaves the property?

If the property is sold, you simply need to add a new owner to the property. The previous owner(s), tenant(s) and property manager(s) will automatically be disabled and will no longer have access to that account.

If you intent to remove an individual owner or tenant and/or property manager, simply go to the account profile and remove the user from the account.

NOTE: Only the board members and the HOA staff have the privileges to remove a homeowner.

Although I checked the “Keep me signed in” box upon login, I will not stay logged in

If you login using incognito or private mode, your session will be closed as you close your browser. The “keep me logged in” only works in normal modes. (Not private/ incognito) mode.