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What is Dagizmo?

Dagizmo is a cloud-based software specifically designed to address the daily operations of Homeowners Associations.
It is easy to use and has unique features designed to ease the demands of board and committee members and gives homeowners a hassle-free way to communicate their needs.

Who can use it?

Whether you are a homeowner, board member, committee member, service provider or community manager, Dagizmo was developed with you in mind! Our innovative software is designed to simplify and streamline the daily processes involved in HOA life and management for EVERYONE.

Board Members

Serving on the Board of Directors for an Association is not an easy job and with it comes quite a bit of responsibility. Therefore, modules were created specifically for Board members and their needs.


The heart of any flourishing community is it’s homeowners. There are many components that were designed specifically with homeowners in mind.

Self-Managed Communities

If you have bravely taken on the responsibility of being a volunteer board member handling the sometimes daunting task of managing your HOA, let us assist you.

Architectural Review Committee

Architectural Committee members hold an important role in an Association…ensuring that modifications are in line with the community’s guidelines. Dagizmo makes it easy!

Management Companies

As a community manager, the daily responsibilities and tasks involved in managing an association can sometimes be a lot to juggle. We want to help you work smarter, not harder.

Service Providers

Trustworthy, dependable and reliable vendors and contractors are vital to any Association. It only makes sense that there be a module designed for you!


What They Say About Us

Mike Wooten, Vice President

Having Dagizmo is a very big step in the right direction. Both our HOA and neighborhood watch programs benefit. Quick communications to our members is our key to success. Dagizmo does this extremely well. Our previous way to communicate was email or U.S. Mail. Dagizmo requires an email address to sign-in to your account. We just rolled out the newly revised program and already have over 85% enrollment. As a HOA Board Member we also benefit greatly from all the online functions. This program keeps getting better. I give it A++.

Brian Comer, Board Member

I’ve been on the Board of Directors for six years and we always struggled with keeping track of our tasks and communicating with our residents. Dagizmo has changed everything for the better. The instant communication with board members, the management company and the residents has increased homeowner participation.

Albert Gloer, Head of Crime Watch Committee

The prior means of communicating to residents was anything but user-friendly. Dagizmo is awesome. This is the way 2-way communication should work. I am very pleased with this platform.

Linda LaCounte, Homeowner

I really appreciate the job that Dagizmo has done since taking the reigns. They have taken an objective stance on enforcement of HOA guidelines, and are clearly necessary to preserve the property values and safety of our neighborhood with no other motives than to do their job and create a positive neighborhood community. Thank you for serving us without the neighborhood pettiness and politics. We truly appreciate you.

Amanda Thurmond, Homeowner

I think it is a great way to communicate to our neighborhood about info and upcoming events! It's a convenient tool!

Jo Ann, Homeowner

When I, first, heard that we were going to have to use Dagizmo to learn what was going on in our community; and, to request permits, etc., I thought, Oh no, not another computer system I'm going to have to learn.  I had no idea that it was going to be so easy to work with; and, so much fun! I am, honestly, delighted with it. Thanks for making us have fun!!!

Steve Arbogast, Homeowner

What a refreshing and innovative way for community members to become connected, get focused, and stay informed. Thanks, Dagizmo for this approach.

Jonathan Kim, Homeowner

I work in the IT industry and seeing our HOA push to give the organization an online presence is absolutely amazing! We are in the age of the internet. People walk around tethered to an online presence. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Google+, we cannot live without being connected.Well, enter Dagizmo....making participation in our HOA while being online is awesome. As I type this right now, I am working remotely in a hotel room in Grand Rapids, MI, on some server in Cincinnati, OH and at the same time, i am logged into Dagizmo catching up on HOA announcements.And that is just one facet of Dagizmo! An online portal for resident requests, architectural project submittals and to review potential violations (hopefully never!)... for a professional IT'er like me, it makes working remotely and traveling for a living that much easier. Plugging back into my HOA, while online doing my thing...who can beat that?!Seems that I only need to focus more on my yard now...So my name will show us on the announcements page as the Yard of the Month!Thanks for making our HOA interactive and proactively engaging with our community. In an era of open source solutions, having an HOA forum put in place that was developed by homeowner for homeowners makes total sense. Who better to help out homeowners than other homeowners. There is a common thread.Thanks for everything!

Regina Brown, Homeowner

I like the site. Congratulations to the board for the wonderful job they undertake year after year.

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